Thinking About Self-Sabotage

I barely slept last night. I kept thinking about how a month ago, coming into my birthday, I was in such a great place- emotionally, physically and professionally. However, over the last few weeks I have noticed old patterns emerging. Unhelpful, self-sabotaging patterns. This was extremely confusing for me- on paper, everything seems to be going great. Yet, as I laid in the dark, trying to understand why the patterns ...
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Tomorrow is my birthday, as I sit here and reflect on my year, I noticed the urge to write about a recent experience I had, and so I went with it. As my clients know, my most precious personal and professional tool is the Calm app. (I swear, I do not own any shares in this company).  A few days ago, the daily calm (which is the app’s daily featured ...
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Thinking About Radical Acceptance

Buddha once said: “Pain is inevitable, suffering is a choice”. What exactly did he mean by that? Throughout our lives, we will feel pain, loss, grief, regret, disappointment, failure and many more difficult and painful emotions. This is true for all humans (other than for a small percentage of humankind who does not have the capacity to feel emotions). We will also all face situations that we cannot change or ...
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Thinking About Love

Being that February has a day dedicated to love, I thought it would be fitting to write about it. My son approached me recently, tormented by the knowledge that he needed to have a difficult conversation to end a relationship that he felt he was losing himself in. He asked me why at the beginning of ‘falling for someone’, he cannot seem to spend enough time with the person. He ...
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Are You in Control of Your Mind?

The thoughts and stories we play in our heads are extremely powerful in that they are directly connected to our emotions and behaviours. Allow me to give an example of just how powerful thoughts can be. Last year, my kids and I boarded the third and last flight of our annual trip to Florida to visit my parents. I had flown us on points which resulted in three connections to ...
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Being Human and How Psychotherapy Can Help

The World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide and is a major contributor to the overall global burden of disease (WHO, 2018). This fact should give us pause: what is going on? What is driving this exponential increase? Prior to the industrial revolution, humans were most concerned with why they were here, searching for meaning and purpose via religion and spirituality. Despite decades ...
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