Natalie Lebel

Healing Begins with RAW

In this episode, WeR3 unpack the first step in the healing journey which we identify as RAW in our therapeutic framework. In order to heal from wounds, we must first Recognize our emotions and feelings and then Ascertain the meaning, causes and impacts before we can move into the Willingness to change, grow and heal. …

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On Grief

In this episode, Carmen, Suzanne and I discuss grief in its various forms. This was a difficult topic for us, as we have all been touched by grief- this is a shared human experience!

Thinking about Self-Love and Self-Worth

Our latest episode in the Stories from Within series explores self-love and self-worth. When we make intentional choices to notice our self-talk and practice self-compassion- we can then learn to soften our inner critic and move towards self nurturing. Enjoy, we certainly enjoyed discussing this topic, one of my favourites!!

On People Pleasing

Here is another podcast by WER3 in the Stories From Within Series. Carmen, Suzanne and I discuss people pleasing tendencies. Do you recognize yourself? There may be a part of you that wants to people please, here is our experience within this part of us!

Radical Acceptance

Imagine New Perceptions on Being Human’s fifth podcast in the Stories From Within series discusses and unpacks radical acceptance, which we argue is the cornerstone towards resilience, thriving and true, authentic, happiness.


Tomorrow is my birthday, as I sit here and reflect on my year, I noticed the urge to write about a recent experience I had, and so I went with it. As my clients know, my most precious personal and professional tool is the Calm app. (I swear, I do not own any shares in …

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